Wix vs. WordPress 2020: Which Platform is The Best?

Alright, so you’re making moves to build your new website. First let me say congrats. I preach that having a digital platform for your brand or business is crucial to your success (more on that here) but there are a lot of decisions to make when you’re building your website that can be confusing. The […]

WordPress Vs. Squarespace 2020: What’s The Best Choice For You?

WordPress vs. Squarespace: which option is really best for you and your business this year? When you’re building the website of your dreams, finding a platform that fits your needs can be a total pain. Cost, customization, and ease-of-use are all major factors but let’s be real: what you really need is your time. Let […]

How to Create a Mockup from Your Own Photography

Utilizing mockups to showcase your work is the designer hack of the decade. Now more than ever there are a ton of fantastic mockup resources out there to help you showcase your work and put your best foot forward (my personal fave: Moyo Studio). Showcasing your work using your own photography, however, elevates your portfolio […]

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