3 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Professional Designer

At what point do you need to invest in professional branding and website design to grow your business? This is an essential question to ask as you grow your online business. Usually people fall into two schools of thought: “Why do I need professional design? Shouldn’t I just be a better coach/business owner? I can […]

Wix vs. WordPress 2020: Which Platform is The Best?

Alright, so you’re making moves to build your new website. First let me say congrats. I preach that having a digital platform for your brand or business is crucial to your success (more on that here) but there are a lot of decisions to make when you’re building your website that can be confusing. The […]

WordPress Vs. Squarespace 2020: What’s The Best Choice For You?

WordPress vs. Squarespace: which option is really best for you and your business this year? When you’re building the website of your dreams, finding a platform that fits your needs can be a total pain. Cost, customization, and ease-of-use are all major factors but let’s be real: what you really need is your time. Let […]

How to Create a Mockup from Your Own Photography

Utilizing mockups to showcase your work is the designer hack of the decade. Now more than ever there are a ton of fantastic mockup resources out there to help you showcase your work and put your best foot forward (my personal fave: Moyo Studio). Showcasing your work using your own photography, however, elevates your portfolio […]

DIY or Custom? How To Know You Are Ready For Custom Website Design.

Investing in your biz can be the single greatest and scariest thing you’ll do this year. Putting real time and money in your growing business not only serves you financially but gives you confidence when growing a loyal tribe and increasing your prices. You know it’s time to level-up, but is custom website design the […]

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