How to Create a Mockup from Your Own Photography

Utilizing mockups to showcase your work is the designer hack of the decade. Now more than ever there are a ton of fantastic mockup resources out there to help you showcase your work and put your best foot forward (my personal fave: Moyo Studio). Showcasing your work using your own photography, however, elevates your portfolio even further. Not only do you look like a total pro, but creating your own mockups provides better brand consistency and recognizability- because who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd?

Watch the tutorial below to learn how to create your own personal mockups. It’s literally never been easier. And be sure to share this out on Pinterest and Instagram with your new work! Tag me @brandtcreativeco !

How to create a custom mockup from your own photography:

1) Choose an image large enough for your mockup. I suggest using a professional photo sized around 2,000 px since you can always export as smaller for web!

2) Choose a design for your mockup. A pro-tip: use Firefox web browser to screenshot the entire webpage for your live work. Or you can always export your designs as jpgs or pngs.

3) Open your image in photoshop and unlock the photo layer. This will automatically be locked upon opening your image in photoshop.

4) Draw a shape approximately the size of your mockup and convert this to a smart object. If your screen is at an angle, no problem. Don’t adjust the size to fit exactly just yet- you want a size that will fit your design well.

5) Go to edit > transform > distort and drag the corners of your shape to fit your mockup exactly.

6) Double click on your smart object layer and insert your design. Resize your design to fit exactly, and hit “save”.

7) Adjust the opacity of your design layer or add a gradient to keep things looks as realistic as possible!

8) Export your image and save your photoshop file to use and reuse your mockup!

And you’re all done! Seriously, this is so quick and easy. Now that you’ve created an awesome mockup, share this tutorial on Pinterest or tag me on Instagram @brandtcreativeco with your new work!

Chat soon,

Tatum Brandt

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