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Let's get started building your incredible website! Learning any new platform takes some time and focus, so turn off netflix and dedicate some focus and time to this to make sure this website is everything it can be! I suggest downloading the checklists for each section as these may help you follow along!


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STEP ONE: Setting up hosting and your domain

If you already have hosting somewhere else, this is totally fine! Refer to you hosting provider’s videos and tutorials to learn how to set up


  1. What is hosting?
  2. How to transfer your domain to Bluehost
  3. How to transfer your domain away from Squarespace
  4. How to transfer your domain away from Wix
  5. How to transfer your domain away from


Yes. Platforms like Wix and Squarespace provide their own hosting, which is why they have a cost per month. is opensource and free to use, but you need web hosting. 

I use Bluehost with all of my clients. This is because they offer fast server, unlimited storage, Unlimited domains, cheap hosting plans, 24/7 customer support, SimpleScript 1-click installation, easy FTP file transfer and MySQL database. One of the great things about BlueHost has a good track record for maintaining their 99.9% uptime.


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STEP Two: install your theme and plugins

  1. You MUST install:

    1. The Hello Theme by Elementor
    2. Elementor Plugin
    3. Elementor Pro: Personal Plan
    4. Smashballoon Social Feed
    5. Jetpack by
    6. Akismet Anti-Spam (you do not have to pay for a plan, just use the free version)

    For blog add-on MUST install:

    1. Feeds for Youtube by Smashballoon

    For ecommerce add-on MUST install:

    1. Woocommerce
    2. Woocommerce Admin

    Strongly recommended for all sites:

    1. Yoast SEO
    2. Really Simple SSL

    NOTE: if you are using a temporary domain your Really Simple SSL plugin will not work. Wait to install this plugin until after you’ve switched to your primary domain.


Yes. The template will not work without it. You will not even be able to upload the template without it. If you think $50/year is pricey, weigh this against the typical $144/year that Squarespace and Wix cost!


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STEP Three: Upload your template file!

Be sure to only upload the pages and sections you need! The less content you have on your website, the faster it will run!

Do NOT upload multiple files at once as this may crash your site!

If you want to dive deeper, learn more about Elementor here.


Yes! You can always purchase and use additional template packages in your website. 

Have something specific you want designed? Drop an inquiry here. I’m always looking for new additions to the shop that will help your brand thrive!


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STEP Four: Plug in + edit all your content!

When you upload custom fonts, you can convert the font files here.

Check out this streamlined video made by Elementor adding and editing templates as well here.

More videos for in-depth editing of each page are coming soon! In the meantime, check out the amazing video tutorials by Elementor that explain everything you need to know with how to use the page builder here.


Overview Tutorials: Start Here.

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Gamechanger Template Specific Tutorials

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Firestarter Template Specific Tutorials

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